Singular Sermon

Nov 24, 2019 | Dr. Darin Wood

I Will Tell Your Name

Psalms 105:1-7
I can’t help but be thankful when. . . .
  • When I see God’s marvelous works! – v. 1-7
  • When I see God’s marvelous works, I remember what God has done!
  • When I see God’s marvelous works, I’ll give Him the GLORY!
  • When I see God’s marvelous works, I’ll find His strength because I found HIM!
  • MY RESPONSE: What marvelous works can I thank God for today?

When I see God’s protection – v. 12-15
  • God protected Abraham & his followers as they began to seek what
  • God had promised them.
  • God protected Moses and Israel in the wilderness
  • God protected Joshua!
  • God protected Elijah and Elisha
  • God protected Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!
  • God protected the prophets
  • God protected Peter, Paul, and the Apostles
  • God protects his church
  • God protects me!

If God protected ALL of them, why wouldn’t He protect me?
Where can I thank God for protecting me?
Where do I need God to protect me?

When I see how God cares for my needs – v.16-22

What need have I been trying to meet on my own?
How can I give that need to Jesus and trust Him with it?

When I see God’s redemption for me – 37-42
  • - Looking forward now, I see God has promised redemption through Jesus. Romans 5:8 makes it clear my redemption does not lie with me.
  • - The work of the Holy Spirit in me continues through eternity, redeeming each day for His glory!

Since God redeems all that He allows, what can I offer God for His redemption that I’ve been holding on to?

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