Ends Of The Earth


Focusing on Russia and those of the former Soviet Union, over the past 23 years, AGAPE has worked to promote all aspects of health. Agape serves the homeless, elderly, and immigrant communities in Moscow and sends medical teams to the remote, isolated villages scattered throughout Russia. Agape always partners with like-minded local health care providers and churches. In this way, the work continues after we leave. With 174 people groups in Russia alone, 86 of which are still considered unreached by the Joshua Project.


Elam Ministries was founded in 1990 by senior Iranian church leaders to strengthen & expand the church in the Iran region & beyond. We TRAIN Iranian leaders for ministry, EQUIP the Iranian church with Bibles & resources , SEND the Gospel into the Iran region. Ways we seek to further healthy church growth: Leadership development - We train pastors, evangelists, church planters, & lay leaders to further evangelism & discipleship, Church planting - Elam sends trained church planters to Iran & the surrounding region to further healthy church growth, Scripture - We print & send Bibles & New Testaments in Persian across the Iran region, Building families - We provide children’s Bibles, weekly TV programs, & Internet resources to reach children, youth & parents, Books & resources - We translate, publish & print Christian literature for training leaders, Bible study, evangelism, & discipleship, Advocacy & relief - We provide advocacy, support & pastoral care for Iranian Christians who have been persecuted. We also have a growing ministry to Persian-speaking refugees in the diaspora.


Providing the Holy Bible to Vietnamese of the world in their most current heart language from an accredited team of Vietnamese Theologians, translating from the original languages used by the authors of the Holy Scriptures. Our Mission is to make the New Vietnamese Bible (NVB) available in today’s language of Vietnam. Vietnamese Bible, Inc. carries out its mission by: Providing a translation of the Holy Scripture that is faithful to the wording of the original language Biblical texts, Utilizing appropriate communication media that allows the Word of God to come alive in individual and public life, Achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures, Making the NVB as accessible and affordable as possible for as many Vietnamese as possible.

The translation/publishing of the New Vietnamese Bible Scripture was orchestrated by First Baptist Church, here in Midland, TX.


Watch & Pray Ministries International exists to provide education, encouragement and hope through Jesus Christ to the persecuted, homeless, orphans and widows around the world. Watch & Pray is involved in the United States through ongoing conferences and prayer initiatives to reach the lost in the Permian Basin, Washington, D.C and the northeast. Founded and led by Getaneh Getaneh, a gentle man whose radiant face belies the horrors of the persecution he experienced in Ethiopia. Getaneh and the ministry of Watch & Pray are committed to reaching people for Jesus through this ministry of hope to the lost and the least. Joyfully serving people in need in: United States, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland


2nd Mission was created to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students using Volunteer Mission Teams and by conducting culturally relevant events; Culture X-Change (using College Teams) and Business X-Change (using Business People). Volunteer Teams from the USA have a major impact on the Vietnamese Students because so many of the Vietnamese speak English. The gospel is shared using our bilingual Career Development book, The Road to Success. The second aspect of our mission is to train Vietnamese National Partners (Campus Ministers) to conduct Welcome X-Change events (without volunteer teams from the USA). Campus leaders are trained to do small gatherings of incoming Freshmen, build relationships with them, share the Gospel and follow up. 2ND Mission provides the training and resources for the giving of gifts at these gatherings.


An international, evangelical ministry of Christar as well as the indigenous, outreach arm of Arab Center for Consulting & Training Services, a Jordanian non-governmental organization. AWT is well-positioned within Jordanian society to address the spiritual, emotional, social, and professional needs of least-reached Arab women throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The mission of Arab Woman Today is three-fold. First, we seek to equip the local Christian church in all Arab countries through discipleship and training of current and potential women leaders. Second, we pursue the transformation of non-Christian, Jordanian women so that they might ultimately realize Christ-honoring change in every aspect of their lives. Third, we engage both the secular and Muslim Arab female communities throughout our region; connect with those women who are seeking spiritual change; present them with the Gospel message; and follow up with those who trust in Christ as Savior.


BEE World’s focus has always been to train key pastors and lay leaders in restricted-access countries to equip the next generation of indigenous church leadership through our comprehensive curriculum and ministry approach. Today we rejoice to see the abundant fruit of this ministry in many countries around the globe where BEE World has established works. These include countries in South-east Asia, the Middle East, India, Nepal and Africa. Al continues to travel to teach in Asia and the Middle East.


Debbie Tran, founder of CNMI, is based in Saigon, Vietnam. Her passion is networking the champions with different talents and anointing to join hands to advance The Kingdom of God from Jerusalem, to all Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. The last few years the Lord has been calling her into a more intense journey with Vietnam and different nations around the world. Debbie is constantly moving from one location to the next to do and provide pastoral gathering for trainings, Bible teaching, discipleship programs, distribution of Christian literature as well as hosting prayer meetings.


We travel the very routes the Apostle Paul traveled doing exactly what he did. Proclaim the Gospel! From Istanbul to Nicaea, Pergamum to Ephesus, Haran to Cappadocia, Tarsus to Antioch, Laodicea to Galatia, and everywhere in between we testify that there is only one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Consequently, there are believers in and around all of these places. What do you need to do? We need believers like you to come over and help. This means YOU will act like a tourist as we visit sites, but we will love on everyone, encourage new believers by sharing personal testimonies, and will testify to the truth of the Gospel to all, both saved and lost. Time is flying, people are dying, eternity looms, and Jesus is coming. If we love people we will tell them about the most important things in our lives. Eternal life, redemption, healing, and God Himself!


The mission of Global Gates is to see gospel transformation of the world’s most unevangelized people groups who have come to global gateway cities, and through them reach their communities around the world. Today, nearly 40 percent of the world’s peoples remain unreached by the gospel (Joshua Project, 2015). Nowhere is there a greater concentration of unreached peoples than in cities. Global Gates is focusing on the unreached in these cities who have been neglected or written off as too difficult to reach. We seek to start churches among peoples who do not have one. And when they do have a church, we want to help them multiply a movement of disciples and churches that will transform their community with the gospel. We are trusting the Lord to bring about disciple-making and church-planting movements among unreached peoples in and through gateway cities. Global Gates is committed to best practices that the Lord is using around the world, seeking His guidance in how best to adapt and implement these methods for reaching unreached peoples in global gateway cities.


Heart of the Bride was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping provide for the needs of orphans around the world. Through steadfast prayer and partnering with Pastors and Christian Leaders in underprivileged countries, HOB has established on-going relationships with local orphan ministries in 5 nations -- Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia. Since our inception in the fall of 2004, Heart of the Bride has continued to grow at a rapid but manageable pace. Multiple long term missionaries have been commissioned many orphanage facilities have been built, our contribution base has grown from regional to national, and short term ministry opportunities have continued to multiply. Our home staff is also continuing to grow comprised of full-time faith supported workers, part time staff, and many professional volunteers.


His Cherished Ones promotes the value of family through biblical teaching, working with abandoned babies, young men, and women. Haven of Hope Baby Center is the focus ministry of HCO, through which other ministries flow. We provide a home to babies while they wait to be united with their forever families; we rescue, train and disciple young men to be strong leaders within their families and communities; and we teach, encourage and empower women to be advocates of change within their families. HOH Baby Center is a place of ministry for our staff, where we employ those whom we are training and discipling. Although Kenya is considered a “reached” country where the Gospel has been spread, few people understand or have a working relationship with the Lord. It is our desire to usher people into an active, loving, forgiving, restorative and thriving relationship with Christ.


The mission of InStep International is “To engage Christian leaders in strategic networks to share resources and relationships.” We have created global networks and partners that influence national leaders to carry out the Great Commission. Our vision, Beyond 2020 are practical action steps to 1) Conduct 100 evangelistic crusades; 2) Create 100 new reproducible churches; 3) Cultivate healthy pastors and churches through 100 Healthy Church Seminars. Through our Billion Soul Network, we have access to 100 nations that impact one billion people.


A cross-cultural missions training and sending organization, engaged in pioneer fields where the gospel has never been heard. After establishing beachheads in these fields, STN focuses on inspiring, equipping and training local churches to adopt unreached peoples. School to the Nations has a calling to reach 100+ unreached people groups and is devoted to being an advocate for the heart of Jesus to the church to remember her calling to “Go ye into all the world.” Randy & Maureen Copeland founded School to the Nations in 2007.


Stephen and Ruth Hale are missionaries serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For 70 years, MAF has shared the love of Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. Operating a fleet of nearly 50 aircraft around the world, MAF is able to bring food, medical supplies, missionaries, doctors, Bibles, and the Gospel to some of the darkest and hardest to reach places on the planet. Having both grown up as missionary kids in Africa, the Hales have a heart for people in the most remote corners of the earth. The DRC is a country ravaged by years of war and poverty. Stephen uses his skills as a pilot to help meet the needs of the Congolese by transporting food and medical supplies as well as meeting the transportation needs of missionaries and Bible translators serving in the remote jungles. Together, Stephen and Ruth see Matthew 22:37 as a central verse in their marriage and ministry as they desire to love God whole-heartedly and love others through their lives and work in the Congo.