Parents Night Out

Parents can make reservations by registering online or by filling out an envelope found at the A Hall information board and turning it into the church office. The deadline for reservations is the Sunday prior to the Parent's Night Out. The $5.00/child ($15 max/family registration) fee is also due at that time. The reservation will be confirmed through your online email. Space for preschool childcare is limited during Parent's Night Out due to room availability and child/teacher ratios. The registration fee will be refunded only if the child/teacher ratio does not allow for one's child to participate. Furthermore, no-walkin's will be accepted; no fees will be collected on the event night; spaces will not be held if the registration fee has not been paid on time. All childcare rooms will open 15 minutes before, and a parent must pick up their child immediately following each activity. 

Helpful Hints when dropping children off for Parent's Night Out 

  • Upon arriving with your child, it is best if you leave your child with the worker/teacher at the door. 
  • If your child cries when you leave him or her, we suggest you leave your child with the worker and leave as quickly as possible. Children usually stop crying shortly thereafter. 
  • If at any point your child becomes inconsolable for more than 30 minutes we will contact you.
  • We ask that you pick up your child immediately at the the close of each event. Even the most well-adjusted child may become anxious if he or she is left after the others have gone.
  • Please provide any information to the teachers that may affect your child’s behavior during the session. Profanity will not be tolerated and obedience is expected.
  • Please label ALL BELONGINGS; diaper bags, sweaters, jackets, cups, bottles, pacifiers, and anything else that can be easily lost or misplaced.