FBC Staff

Darin Wood and FamilyGrace and Peace to each of you in Christ our Lord. Although I never really envisioned myself as a pastor–I thought God would use my journey in other ways–after 16 years of this crazy work, I wouldn’t trade it. I’ve come to understand God has made me a shepherd. A shepherd serves the flock to which he’s called with passion, creativity, compassion, love and sacrifice. I don’t pastor because it’s my job. I do it because it’s who I am. I do it because Christ has called me to it. I do it to lead others to find the hope in Christ that I’ve found. I do it to disciple and develop those whom God places around me. I do it to spread the Gospel of Jesus to those in my Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.

Grace and peace in Christ,
Dr. Darin M. Wood


Pastoral Ministry

Darin Wood

Senior Pastoroffice: 432-683-0604

Robbie Boyd

Associate Pastor - Pastoral Careoffice: 432-683-0692

Larry Grimes

Business Administratoroffice: 432-683-0605

Susan Upham

Pastoral Assistantoffice: 432-683-0604

Cindy Eoff

Business Administrator Ministry Assistantoffice: 432-683-0616

Family Ministry

Cory Brand

Family Ministeroffice: 432-683-0654

Sarah Arrambide

Minister to Childrenoffice: 432-683-0609

Amy Brand

Minister of Preschool Educationoffice: 432-683-0627

Crystal Nickolaus

Childhood Education Ministry Assistantoffice: 432-683-0609

Allison Ashmore

Preschool Education Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 432-683-0611

Elket Rodriguez

Family & Adult Ministry Assistantoffice: 432-683-0612

Music Ministry

Aaron Hodges

Minister of Musicoffice: (432)683-0619

Rabon Bewley

Music Minister Associate/Instrumentaloffice: 432-683-0618

Doris McSparran

Music Minister Associate / Organistoffice: 432-683-0618

Lisa Bullock Alston

Music Ministry Administrative Assistantoffice: 432-683-0618

Mission Ministry

Bryan Pinson

Minister of Missions

Eva Diaz

Administrative Assistant for Missionsoffice: 432-683-0656

Student Ministry

Jeremy Gengler

Student Pastoroffice: 432-683-0606

Katy Little

Associate Minister of Studentsoffice: 432-683-0610

Chris Kejr

Student Ministry Administrative Assistantoffice: 432-683-0603

Recreation Ministry

John Elliott

Minister of Recreationoffice: 432-683-0647

Nathan Wennerlind

Assistant Minister of Recreationoffice: 432-683-0648

Amy Vanderveer

Administrative Assistant to the Minister of Recreationoffice: 432-683-0648

Media Ministry

Jeff Wash

Minister of Media & Communicationsoffice: 432-683-0622

Dallas King

Associate Director of Mediaoffice: 432-683-0696

Max Floyd

Print & Mail Services Coordinatoroffice: 432-683-0624

Administrative Ministry

Jim Hansen

Director of Maintenanceoffice: 432-683-0641

Cindy Langley

Director of Food Servicesoffice: 432-683-0637

Financial Services

LaNell Dean

Director of Business Managementoffice: 432-683-0615

Susan Harley

Financial Assistant-Accounts Payableoffice: 432-683-0657

Kelly O’Brien

Financial Assistant-HR/Payrolloffice: 432-683-0614

Lisa Cleveland

Financial Assistant-Cash/Payroll Practitioner

Child Development Center

Mary Schultz

Director of Child Development Center

Brooke Raley

Assistant Director of Child Development Centeroffice: 432-683-0611

Children's Day Out

Amanda Ware

Director of Children’s Day Out