VERITAS, a truth gathering for Young Adults, Married and Unmarried!

During the Summer, and once a quarter during the school year; 6:45 to 8:15 pm on a Thursday Night in Fellowship Hall.

Enjoy pizza, drinks and childcare.

National experts will be invited to make a presentation on an important topic, and we will have a panel of 5 local experts engaging you with dialogue and Q&A.

Veritas is designed to equip you with truth that will impact your spiritual journey and provide support as you love a spouse, raise kids and serve the Lord.

Veritas is a “rubber meets the road” moment you don’t want to miss.

Join us!

August 14

A Conversation about the Bible, personal and family devotions

with Tim Shelton, Family Pastor, Bellevue Baptist, Memphis TN

6:45-8:15 pm in Fellowship Hall

Contact or 432.683.0600, for more info.