Every Student Is Known, Loved, and Belongs

We want to meet everyone where they are and help them walk with God for a lifetime! We will use everything at our disposal to accomplish through:


Prayer is an essential part of a Christ follower’s life! More than a discipline, it’s a privilege to pray for one another, for our families, for our church, for our community and world. We ask our students to Pray with IMPACT at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm daily. There will also be concerted times of prayer throughout the year for special times like Camp, IMPACT weekend, National Day of Prayer as well as prayer walking our schools weekly. In addition, a group of students gather 30 minutes before weekly services to pray and encourage one another.

Student Ministry Worship

A weekly large group meeting just for students with high energy, music, games, and Biblical teaching. We desire for students to be involved in this weekly service at every level from preparation, planning, and execution. Our desire is for this time to be for students by students, making it a perfect “entry” point for new students. This weekly service will be something that students are proud to invite friends to.

Small Group Bible Study

On Sunday at 9:45 am, we open up Gods word and see what it has to say to our lives. We will launch every Sunday morning with prayer and a large group teaching time led by a rotation of leaders. This small group will be an open discussion time for students with an adult facilitator.


We want each student to develop a servant’s heart. Our Student Ministry will not only teach about service, but we will provide consistent opportunities to serve the group, church, community and world! Our desire is for students to take a lead role in weekly services, school clubs, our church body and the community.


We believe life change best happens when we can be intimate and held to a high standard of relational excellence that flows from Gods word! The best way to accomplish this is Mentoring. We desire for each student to have an adult mentor when they enter the Student Ministry and to walk with that person until High school. (Mentoring 101, 201) By High School, we desire for each student to partner with their mentor to invest in another underclassman for three years. (Mentoring 301) By their senior year, our desire is for every student to be mentoring another student and to continue in a mentoring relationship as well. (Mentoring 401)



Katy Little
Assistant Minister of Students