Our staff wants to help make your experience at First Baptist Church a pleasant one. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about Christ, the church or the relationships you cultivate with family, friends, co-workers and neighbor.

We have provided a list below of our staff and how to get in touch with them.


John C. Elliott


Minister of Activities, 432.683.0647

Ben Telesca, Associate Minister of Activities, 432.683.0647

Amy Vanderveer, Activities Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0648

Nathan Wennerlind, Activities Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0648

Building & Maintenance

Jim Hansen, Director of Maintenance, 432.683.0641

Child Development Center

Jana Farley, CDC Director, 432.683.0639 

Janie Riley, CDC Assistant, 432.683.0638


Paul Byrom, Minister of Education, 432.683.0612

Janna Boyd, Minister to Senior Adults, 432.683.0653

Brad Echols. Minister of Students, 432.683.0633 

Hunter Seigler, Associate Minister of Students, 432.683.0633

Katy Little, Student Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0610

Moses Caesar, Minister to Young Adults & Single Adults, 432.683.0654

Sarah Arrambide, Minister of Children, 432.683.0609

Bertha Rendon, Children's Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0609

Shane Dockrey,  Interim Minister of Preschool, 432.683.0627

Amy Harrison

, Education Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0612

Paige Thomas, Children's Day Out Coordinator, 432.683.0632

Amber Hutchison, Kids Kare Coordinator, 512.826.3004

Jenny Harkey, Young Adults and Single Adults Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0600

Alexandria Bejil, Preschool Ministry Assistant, 432-683-0611


Betty Roy, Director of Business Management, 432.683.0613

Myrna Morris

, Financial Assistant-Accounts Receivable, 432.683.0614

Roxanne Littlejohn, Human Resource Coordinator, 432.683.0615

Susan Harley, Financial Assistant, 432.683.0657

Food Service

Valerie Watkins, Director of Food Service, 432.683.0636


Bob Billups, Senior Associate Pastor,  432.683.0616

David Johnson


Associate Pastor, 432.683.0692 

Gene Hilburn, Associate Pastor of Counseling, 432.683.0645 

Susan Upham, Pastoral Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0604

Jeri SchantzSenior Associate Pastor Assistant, 432.683.0616


Jim Cawthon, Minister of Media, 432.683.0608 

Max Floyd, Printing Coordinator, 432.683.0624

Kate Dominguez, Graphic Artist, 432.683.0608

Cheryl MatlockMedia Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0608

Blane Dickson, Production Assistant, 432.683.0608


Bill Johnson


Minister of Missions, 432.683.0623 

Hank Henry

, Associate Minister of Missions, 432.683.0623 

Ofelia Ortega

, Missions Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0623

Eva Diaz

, Benevolence Coordinator, 432.683.0656


George Koehl, III, Minister of Music, 432.683.0618  

Doris McSparran, Music Ministry Associate/Organist, 432.683.0618

Phyllis Hilburn, Associate Minister of Music, 432.683.0618

Brittany Moultroup, Interim Assistant Minister of Music, 432.683.0618

Rabon Bewley, Music Ministry Associate/Instrumental, 432.683.0618  

Abigail Davis, Music Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0618

Alma Chavez, Music Ministry Assistant, 432.683.0617