Sunday Worship

We offer two worship services at different hours. Services are held in our Worship Center and Chapel.

Worship Times
8:25 am; 11:05 am
6:00 pm Worship in Worship Center

Worship Broadcast Schedule
10:00 am
 Worship, KOSA CBS7 (one week delay),  KWES NBC9 (same day)


8:25 am Blended Worship (Worship Center)
Worship led by Dr. Todd Still and the FBC Orchestra, Sanctuary Choir, along with harp, organ, piano, praise team, and band with guitars, drums, and keyboards. This service features aspects from both traditional and contemporary worship backgrounds. They lead with songs that give both praise and worship to our Lord.

11:05 am Contemporary Worship
(Worship Center)
This service will be contemporary in look and music. We will be led by a Praise Team and band of drums, guitars, and keyboard. This service will utilize a number of the multi-media features of our Worship Center and will be an exciting time for individuals seeking more contemporary and modern music and visual worship elements. They lead with songs that give both praise and worship to our Lord.

11:05 am Traditional Worship
This service will look and feel much more traditional in style. This service will be led primarily by organ, strings or brass, and piano. We will sing songs traditionally sung from the hymnals and will enjoy the preaching from a guest pastor by video. This is not an overflow service, but one designed specifically for those more accustomed to traditional worship. They lead with songs that give both praise and worship to our Lord.


The Message, presented by our interim pastor, Dr. Todd Still, is the same in each morning service.

We take the Lord’s Supper (Communion) each month, switching between morning and evening services. We invite all believers to join in the Lord’s Supper.

Children who are Pre-K and younger may attend an extended Sunday School while parents attend worship and Sunday School at 8:30-11:00 or 10:00-12:25. During the Evening Worship Kids Kare is provided for children Pre-K and younger.

Sunday School Groups

We offer a large variety of Bible Study classes on Sunday mornings. If you are visiting for the first time and are searching for an initial class to attend, we offer a brief description with the listings, along with other pertinent information to help you decide. If you need help selecting a class better suited to you, please contact us.

Sunday School Group Time (for all ages)
9:45 am

Our childcare is open all three hours of our Sunday morning schedule. This provides time for families to worship and have Sunday School.

All children birth through prekindergarten stay in their Sunday School rooms during the time their parents are in worship. All kindergarten age children attend worship with their parents.