MAYDAY Prayer Initiative

In these days of desperation and confusion, hopelessness and helplessness, when mountains are collapsing, nations are warring, people are rioting, the earth is quaking, and the enemy is threatening, it’s time to cry out to the Lord! Now!

The nine days between the day of the Ascension of Jesus and the Day of Pentecost have Biblically and traditionally been days of prayer and fasting for an outpouring of God’s Spirit. This year those days fall on May 15-23. On each of those 9 days, join Anne Graham Lotz and thousands of other followers of Jesus Christ, as together we implore God to save us from our distress. Before Jesus comes and judgment falls.

Pray one hour each day for 9 days, May 15-23 from Noon - 1:00 pm in the Worship Center.

For more info and daily devotionals, click here.


Weekly Prayer Gatherings

Sunday - In the Prayer Room during each morning Worship Service.

Tuesday - 6:00 pm in The Prayer Room.

Wednesday  - 7:30 am each Wednesday at First Presbyterian Church, Koinonia Room. All are invited.

Wednesday - 10:30 am in the Prayer Room. Awakening Prayer.

Wednesday - 9/11 Prayer from 2:00-4:00 pm at the home of Getaneh Getaneh, 903 Ventura.

Thursday - Noon - 1:00 pm in the Chapel. Awakening Prayer.

Friday - 6:30 am in Room D108. Men's Prayer.

Pray With IMPACT: 7/4TEEN

A prayer emphasis for the youth of our city. Using the words of Solomon as a reference and challenge in 2 Chronicles 7:14, we pray for our youth that they may be bold and courageous as they call on the Lord to hear from heaven.

What can you do:

1. Pray at 7:14 each morning and evening for the youth of our city.

2. Pray for youth by name and situation as you become aware of needs and requests.

3. Don't stop.