Every Leader A Minister

In order for our ministry to reach as many students as possible, we must call, train and equip adult and students alike that will continuously deepen their walk with God, model a life of faith, and invest in others. We will use everything at our disposal to accomplish this including but not limited to:


Every leader will be prayed for consistently for Gods supernatural work in your
life and in the life of the students you lead.


Watch Orange Training

We will train and equip all leaders from a biblical perspective utilizing the very best information, research, and tools available. More importantly, this ministry will make significant personal and spiritual investments in each leader so that they will lead out of the overflow of the heart and have a lifetime of ministry to students! We will train you in various ways including but not limited to:

1. Weekly communication through Leadership Central, our online leadership community that has helpful tips, weekly announcements, Bible study curriculum, and leadership tips from other YM experts!

2. Monthly Leadership Training- One Saturday a month we will meet for a Training Day that will consist of the latest research, cultural trends on music, movies, and fashion, introduction to the latest Worship series, Leadership take-aways for your spiritual growth, and a time of fellowship and sharing with other Leaders from our Ministry. (Typically 9am-Noon Childcare provided)

3. There will be several conferences available for us to attend (Orange, NNYM, Catalyst, YML, Etc.) these conferences are typically several days in length and will require travel and expense. We will have some scholarship money to offset the price however; this is a great investment you can make into your life as a leader!

4. Two Mandatory Trainings- Each year before school starts in Fall and during winter break we will have a mandatory day “retreat” that will allow us as a leadership team to rest, fellowship, talk about what Gods had done and where God is leading for the future. We will do these off campus to give us more down time and fresh perspective.

How to Use Apple TV/Airplay in your Small Groups


We believe everyone has a gift that God has given for the betterment of the body. Whether you lead a small group, a Day 1 Discussion group, lead teach, serve on a lead team, camp, DNow, or whatever it is, as a leader we are committed to helping you plug and use the gifts you have in whatever capacity you can. Because you can’t teach doesn’t mean you’re no good to Student Ministry! We need everyone and if you have come as a leader, then God sees we need you! Our commitment is to help you as a leader find your niche in ministry.


Our desire is for every student leader to serve on at least one mission project a year. Whether it’s a 101 project or a 401 trip. Every leader must model mission for students. We also will need specific leaders that will help design, plan, and execute events like mission trips, camp, DNow etc. This is an excellent way to be on mission even if you’re not “going somewhere”.

Student Leadership

We believe that students have the power to change the world! Our Student Ministry will invest tons of time and resources to helping each student become a leader not only now but for a lifetime. Students can serve in missions, weekly planning of worship, curriculum design, lead team for an event, praise band, lights, web page, lead a school club, lead prayer at the pole every Wednesday and literally hundreds of other ways. It is our hope that by a student’s Junior year they are serving primarily in one area of interest but also involved in mentoring another student alongside their adult mentor.


Our student ministry is committed to equipping leaders to grow in Christ for a lifetime. The best way to do this is with a fellow leader to journey with. Every leader will participate in a mentoring relationship while mentoring students. Even if this is not in a “formal” mentoring setting, know that every moment with a student is shaping them for a lifetime. We WILL mentor students, its just a matter of how we will. Our student ministry will provide the best resources available to equip you for your personal spiritual journey as well how to invest in your students!



Katy Little
Assistant Minister of Students