Looking for Your Kingdom Assignment?


Are you still looking for that perfect niche that matches your God given Gifts, experiences and passion?


The Missions Ministry is searching for those members who feel the calling to become involved in several new ministry opportunities in the Midland area. Those ministries are as follows:

Apostle Build. Each year, 12 local churches participate in the funding and construction of a new home for a low-income family through Habitat for Humanity. The project is appropriately named “Apostle Build”.  Each of the 12 churches pick one weekend to assist in the construction. First Baptist Church will be helping on Saturday, October 8 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Special skills are not required. We will be assisting the builder and his crew. If you can help anytime between those hours, please contact the Missions’ office at 683-0623 by Tuesday, October 4.


Expansion of our Food to Kids. We currently provide weekend food bags for an average 140 kids at Sam Houston and Lamar Elementary schools during the regular school year. RAs and GAs have prepared the bags on Wednesday evenings to be delivered to the schools on Thursdays and distributed by the teachers at the end of the day on Friday. Beginning this June, we will be continuing the food bags this summer to students attending Sam Houston. In July and August, we will prepare and feed kids from the Sam Houston area out of our cafeteria. We will need volunteers to pack bags on Wednesdays during June, and help in the cafeteria preparing/serving lunch from 11:00-noon Monday thru Friday, July 7 – August 22.


Apartment Ministry. We are in the process of restarting FBC’s apartment ministry in two local apartment complexes. The focus will initially be with the youth. The day of the week is still yet to be determined. That will be at the discretion of the leaders of this ministry.


Oil Field Man-Camp Ministry. As we obtain permission to establish Bible study in some of the local man-camps, we will need folks to help set-up cookouts, offer group studies, provide support to Christians living in the camps to take on the leadership role and responsibility for  continuation of organized, scheduled gatherings.


Retirement Center Services. There are currently two retirement centers locally asking us to provide Bible study/church service for the residents. Day and time would be worked out by our volunteers and the retirement center management.


Disaster Response Team. Should there ever be a major disaster such as tornado, explosion, grass fire or the recent Wounded Warrior train accident, one of the first places people look for help is the church. Because of our location, two blocks from the hospital, and facilities that our church can offer should such an event occur, the missions ministry is in the process of setting up a disaster response team and procedure  with the assistance of the local Red Cross. We need personnel experienced in all phases of response such and medical, security, counseling, feeding, etc.


Baptist Crisis Center. Volunteers needed to help with food and clothing distribution. Also counselors for utility assistance. The center is open Monday-Friday 9:00-11:30 am.


If you have had experience and a passion to be involved in any of these areas and feel lead by the Lord to be part of any of these ministries, please contact the mission’s office at 432.683.0623. A follow-up meeting for each of these ministries will be scheduled when we determine how much interest is expressed.