Kids Kare

Weekly times for Kids Kare:

Sunday Evening: 6:00-9:00 pm

Second and Fourth Tuesday Evening: 6:00-9:00 pm (by reservation)

Wednesday Evening: 5:45-9:00 pm

First Friday Evening: 6:00-9:00 pm (by reservation)


Child Care Guide

Childcare is provided without reservations for most Wednesday evening events, Sunday evenings, and Vacation Bible School Planning. All other events require advanced reservations. Childcare is not provided for weddings or funerals.

Childcare reservations should be submitted by the third Sunday of the month prior. There will be no Childcare reservations for the last two weeks of December, and other dates in December will be limited due to other church wide events.

Please make sure you have a minimum number of 5 children before making the reservation. We require the names and ages of each child being placed in our care. A list of the names and ages of the children is due in the Preschool ministry office on the Sunday before the event takes place. Contact Kids Care.

**If a reasonable number of children are not signed up (5-6 children) for the event, the family will be asked to find their own babysitter for the event. A voucher will be offered to this family to cover the sitter. FBC will pay up to $5.00 per hour for 15 minutes before the event through 15 minutes after the event. This voucher can be picked up in the Preschool ministry office the day after the event.

Parents: While your child is in our care there will always be 2 paid workers in each room. All of our workers have had thorough background checks performed prior to being hired. For the safety of your child please register your child outside their assigned room. Please include your expected location and cell phone number so the workers can reach you in an emergency. Your child will be given opportunities to play in learning activity centers and be given the opportunity to learn more about Jesus and God’s world each time they are in our care.



Shane Dockrey
Interim Minister to Preschool

Caitlin Bewley
Preschool Ministry Assistant

Brooke Raley
Kids Kare Coordinator

Mary Schultz
CDC Director

Janie Riley
Assistant CDC Director

Paige Thomas
CDO Coordinator