JERUSALEM – Midland/Eastern Permian Basin

Please keep your eye on our website as these and other Mission opportunities become available for volunteer service. 


Apartment Ministry
 Are you a team builder with a creative approach and desire to minister outside the walls of the church building? The Apartment Ministry needs your help minister to the families at Chaparral Apartments. You will be serving, building trust and moving people closer to Jesus though a variety of hands-on activities, Bible study, prayer and worship. Please call Todd Vanderveer at 432.557.5472


 Baptist Crisis Center
 Churches Responding in Support and Service is a cooperative ministry of area Baptist churches ministering to the needs of our community. You can make a difference in the lives of others as an interviewer for financial assistance, helping with benevolence through food and clothing distribution and exploring creative avenues for ministry to those in need. Located at 806 S. Baird. Please call Russell Cowan, Director, at 432.685.1467.

 Benevolence Ministry

 “For the needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever.” Psalm 9:18
 Care, concern and common sense are characteristics of the volunteer teams who interview clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Benevolence/Missions office. Volunteer time is 9:00-11:00 am once per month. They share the Good News of Jesus, help with financial needs and lend a listening ear. We also maintain a basic food pantry for people needing emergency food assistance until their needs can be more appropriately met by the CRISIS Center. Please call Eva Diaz at 432.683.0656.

 Tutoring Elementary Students

 Do you want to be part of a team that can change the future of an at risk child? Be a mentor to elementary school children at Sam Houston School Elementary. These students need your help improving their academic skills in reading, writing and math, but most importantly, they need someone that will care enough to show them God’s love. Please call Bill Burchard at 432.684.4635.

 Basin Baptist Literacy Services
 This ministry is designed to reach the international/immigrant community here in Midland. First Baptist, in cooperation with other churches in the Midland area, offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to meet a very practical need for these individuals. One might think of this ministry as International Missions Without a Passport because we are reaching out to individuals and families who have come to us from around the world. While teaching them English is a goal of this ministry, it is teaching and showing them the love of Christ that is the primary goal. As with any ministry, volunteers are needed in any and every capacity from teachers to childcare workers, from record keepers to greeters, from prayer partners to transportation. Classes follow the Midland Independent School District calendar and are held every Thursday from 6:30-8:15 pm at FBC in rooms D201/202 (use the entrance on the corner of Cuthbert and Garfield). Classes are available for beginning, intermediate and advance English learners. Please contact Peggy Wennerlind or Ginger Schantz 

 Jail Ministry

 Take the compassion of Christ to inmates in the local jail by helping lead Sunday services. You can also volunteer as a Bible study correspondence grader, sending out non-denominational Bible studies in English and Spanish to inmates primarily in Texas. There is also a need for volunteers to offer counseling and relocation help for returning ex-offenders. Men and women volunteers are needed. Please call Louise Goode at 432.683.0656.

 Retirement Center Ministry

 Do you find joy in teaching and encouraging others who are always appreciative and eager to receive your ministry? You will find no one more worthy of your efforts than retirement center residents. Please consider giving a little of your time and talents on Sundays to bless these people: Polo Park: 10 AM, Saddleridge: 10 AM, Trinity Haven: 10 AM and Manor Park: 4 PM.


Silent Friends Deaf Adult and Deaf Student Ministries
 If you or someone you know is deaf and communicates with sign language, First Baptist Church provides opportunities for you to worship, study the Bible and make new friends with other signers. Deaf signed interpretation is provided each Sunday in the 8:25 a.m. worship service. The Wednesday student worship service is interpreted at 6:50 p.m. in The Garage. Deaf teenagers Sunday School Class meets each Sunday at 9:45 a.m. in room E212. The Silent Friends Adult Sunday School meets at 9:45 a.m. in room E121. Please call Daniel Campbell at 432.683.0847.

The SONshine House

The SONshine House is a hospital hospitality guest-house located at 2202 W. Cuthbert, immediately north of the FBC campus. It serves the West Texas region by providing affordable short-term lodging and Christ-centered ministry to loved ones of those hospitalized. The house has four wonderfully furnished guest rooms with comfortable areas for eating and relaxing. The house is also utilized by those facing extended outpatient care, where commuting would be difficult. For information or reservations, please contact Clementina Jacobs at 432.683.0623.

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Team
Texas Baptist Men (TBM) has been involved in disaster relief in Texas, The United States and around the world since 1967. TBM trains volunteers and coordinates efforts in providing prompt assistance to disaster victims. The Permian Basin Unit maintains fully-equipped mobile disaster relief kitchen, water purification , shower and laundry units. They coordinate their work with the other disaster relief organizations to provide emergency services. Call Joe Stephens 432.563.3700 or 432.425.7780.

Christmas Store
This annual ministry takes place in the FBC Activities Building where families-in-need "shop" for free, new, toys for each child in their family and have these new toys gift-wrapped by FBC volunteers. More than 1000 children receive gifts every year. Each family is also given a Bible, and presented with the Good News of Jesus. Make this Christmas season a time for your family to bless the community of Midland through your volunteer service at this outreach. You can serve by helping with registration, setting-up the gift store, sharing the Gospel as an interviewer, providing toys, wrapping gifts, carrying gift bags and food baskets. Call Clementina Jacobs at 432.683.0623.

White Christmas

Before Christmas each year, a Sunday evening service is dedicated to collecting food for the hungry in Midland. Food baskets and frozen turkeys are distributed during our Christmas Store. This is a great way to involve your entire family in missions right at home. Experience the true spirit of Christmas! Call Clementina Jacobs at 432.683.0623.

Food 2 Kids

Expansion of our Food to Kids. Last year we provided weekend food bags for an average 150 kids at Sam Houston and Lamar Elementary schools during the regular school year. RAs and GAs have prepared the bags on Wednesday evenings to be delivered to the schools on Thursdays and distributed by the teachers at the end of the day on Friday. Beginning this Fall, we are continuing the food bags to students attending Sam Houston, Lamar and have added San Jacinto Junior High. This will bring us up to around 200+ students weekly.

Disaster Response Team
Disaster Response Team. Should there ever be a major disaster such as tornado, explosion, grass fire or the recent Wounded Warrior train accident, one of the first places people look for help is the church. Because of our location, two blocks from the hospital, and facilities that our church can offer should such an event occur, the missions ministry is in the process of setting up a disaster response team and procedure with the assistance of the local Red Cross. We need personnel experienced in all phases of response such and medical, security, counseling, feeding, etc.




Hank Henry
Minister of Missions

Clementina Jacobs
Missions Ministry Assistant

Eva Diaz
Benevolence Coordinator