How To Join FBC

You and your family are welcome to attend many of our organizations, including a Sunday School Group, before becoming a member of the church.

Membership provides special opportunities such as: personal growth, leadership opportunities, avenues for service, and participation in the decisions concerning the future of our church.

We welcome people into membership in the following ways:

Profession of Faith by praying to receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior and committing to be baptized.

Transfer of Letter by promise of a membership letter from another Baptist church transferring your membership to our church.

Statement this is typically done by people who:

  • have prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior and were baptized in a Baptist church but have since belonged to a church of a different tradition.
  • were a member of a Baptist church which has disbanded or lost their records.
  • were baptized in a church who's beliefs are identical to ours about: salvation, baptism and security of the believer.

You may indicate that you would like to become a member during the decision time at the end of our worship services. Please contact David Johnson if you have any questions.