Our Covenant with Haiti

FBC has entered into a 5 year covenant with Heart of the Bride to provide support for the Human Care School in NW Haiti.

• There are currently 125 students in grades 7-12

• All of the students are orphan boys ages 13-24

• These students have no long term means to fund their education

• FBC helped start the Human Care School in 2007

• FBC currently provides for monthly expenses for the school

• FBC Student Ministry is funding a lunch feeding program at the school

• Human Care School is recognized in Haiti as a certified secondary school

For just $40 a month, you can sponsor a student:

• A free education (In Haiti, students must pay to attend school)

• Uniforms, books, nutritious hot meals at school

• Medical care

• Christian discipleship as a part of his education

If you would like to sponsor a student, click here or call 850-678-9008. Thanks for encouraging us onward.  If you have more questions about FBC's involvement, contact Brad Echols in the SM office or Greg or Jan West at 432-699-7229.