Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost?
No, the material is provided through First Baptist Church.

Do I have to know the Bible before I come?
No, we intentionally gear group discussion to teach people the Bible without asking questions which might embarrass newcomers. Teachers are also ready to lead members who know the Bible to the next level.

Are there groups which are open to newcomers?
Yes, one main purpose of having Sunday School is to create a place for newcomers to form great relationships with others.

I am not a member of First Baptist, can I still attend?
Yes, Sunday School is available to everyone.

Preschool Parents

Preschoolers check in at the greeter’s desk at the east entrance with the preschool sign. Classes are provided for preschoolers (birth through pre-kindergarten) while parents attend worship and a Sunday School Group. Times are: 8:30-10:15 or 10:15-12:15

Kindergartners: We plan on children in kindergarten attending worship with family or friends then attending a class at 10:00 am.



Janna Boyd
Minister to Senior Adults

Cindy Eoff
Education & Sr. Adult Ministry Assistant