The purpose of the Family Life Ministry is to counsel and meet the needs of the Body of Christ, the church.  

Its mission is to reach the unbeliever for Jesus and disciple the believer to be a worker for the Kingdom of Christ.

There are two main avenues to accomplish the purpose and mission of this ministry.  The first is making available appropriate, Christ-centered, professional counseling.  The counselor is trained and maintains two professional licenses from the state of Texas.  Individual counseling or marriage and family therapy is available for church members at no cost.

Enrichment opportunities are the second avenue used.  Marriage is held in high regard and much effort is given to help build and strengthen it.  Before a couple enters into a marriage they are strongly encouraged to go through Engagement Enrichment.  They are given books and materials that will give them a good foundation to build a healthy marriage.  For married couples, retreats and conferences are available to make good marriages better.  In addition, the Family Life Ministry presents conferences, seminars and short courses on a variety of issues to meet the special needs of this body of believers.



Gene E. Hilburn, MEd, MRE,LPC-S,LMFT-S
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Michelle Bebout, M.S.
Licensed Marriage and FamilyTherapist Associate
Supervised by Gene E. Hilburn, M.Ed,MRE,LPC-S,LMFT-S

Tiffany Y. Telesca, M.Ed.
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Supervised by Gene E. Hilburn, M.Ed,MRE,LPC-S,LMFT-S