Coming October 9-11!

"Jim Collins wrote Built to Last after an extensive research studying businesses that survived years of shifts and changes in culture yet found ways to remain effective and relevant. While I served as Executive Director of Texas Baptists I observed many existing churches that also found opportunities to honor their heritage but embrace the changes necessary to remain vital in a changing environment. I want to invite you to join us for the Built to Last conference we are hosting October 9-11 so that we can learn from each other as we seek to experience and share the hope of Christ with a world needing to know Him."  - Randel Everett

Join the conversation with leaders of foundational churches from across the region as we learn, worship, and network together. Built to Last is a conference to enhance ministry work so we can be more relevant to our communities.

This 3-day event will be a time to celebrate church life.
Watch for more information or contact us for additional information at 432.683.0600