Friday, May 23

6:00 pm - Hamburgers at the AB. Time of fellowship.

Saturday, May 24

9:00 am - Fellowship Hall
Groups will be formed by years served and create a Day Camp cheer or song, or resurrect one they used when they were in day camp, which will be shared with the rest of the group.  Stories and memories will be shared throughout the morning. Mark Blankenship will work with music teams lead worship on Sunday. During lunch a challenge will be shared by Kelly Burkhart.

Sunday, May 25

8:25 am Worship in Sanctuary - Greg Smith, Preaching; Mark Blankenship, Music
11:05 am Worship in Sanctuary - Tim Johnson, Preaching, George Koehl and Nathan Woodard, Music
11:05 am Worship in Chapel - Philip Vestal, Preaching; Mark Blankenship, Music
6:00 pm:  Kelly Burkhart, Preaching

If you are planning to attend, click here. Deadline is May 15.

All meals are free, but you must register.

Coming October 9-11!

"Jim Collins wrote Built to Last after an extensive research studying businesses that survived years of shifts and changes in culture yet found ways to remain effective and relevant. While I served as Executive Director of Texas Baptists I observed many existing churches that also found opportunities to honor their heritage but embrace the changes necessary to remain vital in a changing environment. I want to invite you to join us for the Built to Last conference we are hosting Ocotber 9-11 so that we can learn from each other as we seek to experience and share the hope of Christ with a world needing to know Him."  - Randel Everett

Join the conversation with leaders of foundational churches from across the region as we learn, worship, and network together. Built to Last is a conference to enhance ministry work so we can be more relevant to our communities.

This 3-day event will be a time to celebrate church life.
Watch for more information or contact us for additional information at 432.683.0600