Marriage Enrichment

Each year we offer several events that are designed to help strengthen marriages. When you value something you will maintain it. You will do maintenance on your home and car so why not on your marriage. Keep it “fine tuned” so it will last a long time. If you can’t attend one of our programs you can at least read a book (together) on marriage. Get new and fresh ideas on how to be a better husband or better wife.

Engagement Enrichment

Couples who are getting married (first time or re-married) will benefit from this important program. You will receive books and a workbook that will cover the following:

• Communication and Conflict Resolution

• Roles in a marriage

• Personality

• Sex

• Finances

These five pillars of a marriage are extremely important.


Through out the year we sponsor classes and conferences that are designed to assist parents from birth through grown children. In addition the Family Life Ministry gives a book on parenting to everyone who participates in our baby recognition. Parents, come checkout our library for books and DVDs that will give professional and biblically based guidance.



Gene E. Hilburn, MEd, MRE,LPC-S,LMFT-S
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Michelle Bebout, M.S.
Licensed Marriage and FamilyTherapist Associate
Supervised by Gene E. Hilburn, M.Ed,MRE,LPC-S,LMFT-S

Tiffany Y. Telesca, M.Ed.
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Supervised by Gene E. Hilburn, M.Ed,MRE,LPC-S,LMFT-S