Discipleship Classes

Programs or Kids Kare (Childcare) is offered while parents attend classes on Wednesday evenings and most classes on other days. Scholarships are also available for classes upon request. Please call should you have any questions about classes.

If you have questions about any Discipleship Classes, please contact Jenny Harkey.

Fall 2014 Discipleship Opportunities

Children of the Day: A Study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians 

During this 9 week Beth Moore study, you'll learn how to let go of past mistakes and discover your circumstances are not coincidental - God's timing is impeccable! Call 432.683.0612 to register. Led by Robin Bishop. Begins Wednesday, Sept. 10, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Room E118/Parlor, $10

Ladies Lunchtime Bible Study - Led by Robin Wilson. Begins Thursday, September 4, 11:30 am, Fellowship Hall, $10. Lunch is available for $5.

Divorce Care

Divorce Care will help you deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. Each session includes an instructional video followed by discussion. Childcare is available upon request at no cost. Registration is required. To register call the Counseling Ministry, 432.683.0645. Begins Wednesday, August 27, 6:30 pm; 13 weeks, Room C202, no cost.

ESL- English as a Second Language

Each Thursday evening Adult/Children ESL and Citizenship classes. The class includes dinner, childcare, transportation - all free of charge with the support of FBC. Led by Ginger Schantz and Peggy Wennerlind. Begins Thursday, September 4,  6:00-9:00 pm,  2nd Floor D hall, no cost.

The Family Project

A study on why God created the family. You'll discover through God's Word what he intended for the family, how weíve come to take the institution of family for granted, and how to recover, renew, and reclaim our families for His Glory. Led by Tiffany Telesca. Call 432.683.0645 to register. Begins Wednesday, September 10, 6:00 pm, Room D100, $10.

Grief Share

A special weekly seminar and support group for people who are grieving the death of someone close to them. GriefShare features biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics from many experts, who are authors, counselors, speakers, and pastors. To register or ask questions call  432.683.0645. Led by Tiffany Telesca. Begins Monday, September 8, 6:30-8:30 pm, 13 weeks, Room D103, $15.

How God Makes Men

All through the Bible, you find stories of bold and brash men who follow God's call into some incredible adventures. In this study you'll see that God still makes those kind of guys. You'll learn about 10 Bible heroes as personal mentors and apply their stories for a powerfully transformed life in God. Led by Berry Simpson. Begins Thursday, September 11, 6:30-8:00 am, Room D101, $10.

I'm a Christian Now

This class is for all 1st - 6th grade children. It will help them understand what it means to be a Christian, the importance of baptism and the Lord's Supper, their role as church members, and getting started in daily Bible Study and prayer. Contact Bertha Rendon at 432.683.0609 for more information. Led by Sarah Arrambide. Begins Sunday, September 7, 6:00 pm, Room A215, 4 weeks, no cost.

Islam and Christianity

This class offers an inspiring introduction to the world of Islamic beliefs as compared to Christianity. Led by Getaneh Getaneh. Begins Wednesday, September 10, 6:00 pm, Room D101, $10.

Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Does God care? Is He fair? Is He even there? Although you may know all the right answers, they don’t always feel right. This Rothschild, Jennifer video-driven women’s Bible study explores these and other questions in this realistic look at the messy, mysterious uncertainties of faith. Led by Elizabeth Buchanan. This study is offered in preparation of the January “Fresh Grounded Faith” Women's conference in Midland. Begins Wednesday, September 24, 6:15 pm, 7 weeks, Room E102, $10.

Servants of God: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel

Community Bible Study (CBS). This interdenominational Bible study is made up of 200+ ladies of all ages from a variety of backgrounds. Schedule includes both large and small group time. Limited spaces in the children's program for 0-5 years available; register in advance. For more information, contact Angie Jordan at 432.520.2949 or Begins Wednesday, September 3, 9:15-11:30 am, Chapel, $25.

Sign Language

Learn the language and techniques to communicate with the hearing impaired. Led by Lucas Ward. Contact him by text, 806.773.2382. Begins Wednesday, September 10, 6:00 pm, 13 weeks, Room E121, no cost

Spiritual Formation

A study about personal discipleship, the development of spiritual disciplines, and the spiritual battles a Christian will face in life. Offered as a cooperative effort with Greater Ideal, First Baptist and Baptist University of the Americas. The Family Life Center at Greater Ideal, 301 S. Tyler Street. Led by Dr. John Copeland, 432.269.0151. Begins Thursday, September 11, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, $110 plus books.

Starting Point

An introduction to membership and ministry at FBC. We will cover topics such as: church organization, your ministry interests and our core beliefs. Prerequisite for elected service at FBC. Led by Paul Byrom. September 10, 6:00 pm, Room E111, 4 weeks and October 12 & 19, 5:00 - 7:00 pm, Room E102, no cost.

Understanding the Bible and How to Apply Godís Word to My Life

The Bible may be the most purchased book in the world, but it is often the least read, understood and applied. Through a series of down-to-earth sessions we will discuss the basic tools and attitudes needed to understand and apply the Bible more effectively. Led by Dr. John Copeland. Begins Wednesday, September 10, 6:00 pm, 6 weeks, Room D110, $5.

Unveiling the Book of Revelation (Part 2), Precept upon Precept

Revelation is the only book in the Bible that begins and ends with the promise of a blessing to those who read, hear, and heed the words of its prophecy. A focus is given to chapters 4-22 which is the end times. Led by Gail Storrie, 432.682.2447 or Begins September 4, 9:15 -11:30 am, Room D101, $20.



For more information about Discipleship options contact: 432.683.0612

Paul Byrom, Minister of Education
Amy Harrison, Education Ministry Assistant



Paul Byrom
Minister of Education

Janna Boyd
Minister to Senior Adults

Amy Harrison
Education Ministry Assistant

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Minister to Young Adults and Single Adults

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