Church Council

Beginning January 1, 2012, the FBC Church Council began their task, along with the church staff and church members, to address the business functions of the church. This body 1) provides for the membership to have a majority voice in the operational affairs of the Church with implementation and support being handled by the church staff; and 2) provides for a more unified, cohesive, and knowledgeable discussion and decisioning of the issues affecting the church with a single body instead of the various disparate committees. Also each person on the council will serve on one of three committees; the Personnel Committee, Finance Committee or Membership Committee.

Charter Members have been elected to one, two or three-year terms of service. At the end of each service year six members will rotate off the council. After the first year is completed six new members will be elected to the council each year following and will serve 3-year terms.

Members of the 2014 Church Council

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Dianne Bucy   2016  Personnel

Dick Campbell  2014  Finance (CH)

Michelle Cobb   2014  Finance

Kim Cremer 2016  Membership

Justin Dockery  2014  Finance

Fran Dumas  2015 Membership

Retha Hunnicutt (Sec)  2014 Personnel

Linda Kahler   2016  Membership

Karen Lea  2016  Finance

Mike Mayer (VC)   2015  Finance

April Paris  2016  Personnel

Brandon Pinson  2014  Personnel

John Quisenberry 2014  Membership

Dean Rippetoe  2015  Personnel

Berry Simpson  2015  Membership (CH)

Keith Skaar (CH)  2014 Personnel (CH)

Allison Smith  2016  Membership

Bob Statton  2015  Finance

Committee Chairmen:

Darrell Dunton Chairman, Deacon Body 

Greg West Chairman, Missions Committee 

Ex Officio Members:

Bob Billups  Senior Associate Pastor