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Ministry Leader Positions (Click on position to download description)
Fellowship Leader
Ministry Group Leader 
Ministry Group Coordinator 
Missions Leader
ROCC Coordinator/Participant
Division Leader 

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Get the big picture and watch this 101 essential for BLG's "Sunday School Priority" by Alan Taylor, Minister of Education, FBC Woodstock, Ga. Click Here to Watch  

Recruiting leaders in an important task in your group and class. Watch this video of Dwight Moss, Minister of Education, Clements Baptist Church, Athens, Ga. Click Here to Watch 

Improving Your Personal Evangelism Skills: A practical, foundational approach to evangelism that emphasizes the importance of building intentional relationships with pre-Christians. Presented by Jon Randles, Evangelism Team Lead for the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Click Here to Watch 

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Teacher's Corner

Explore the Bible 8 year plan. Click Here

LifeWay Lessons
Offers both a digital teacher lesson and commentary. Please email us for access to this resource. 

Online Video Lesson Overview
A professor of Theology at Oklahoma Baptist University will give a 15 minute overview of each week’s Explore The Bible Sunday School lesson. Please email us for access to this resource.

Josh Hunt Lesson Helps
Josh Hunt is a Sunday School conference leader and writer out of Las Cruses, New Mexico. He walks through each section of the passage studied posing a good variety of questions and brief commentary which teachers can plug in and use to get adults talking together, thinking about God’s Word and how He can make a difference in their lives.
This resource requires a password issued by the education office. Email us for your password.

Lucien Coleman Teacher Lesson Notes
Lucien Coleman was a professor in the Education Department at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. He writes a brief lesson outline that includes short commentary and application points. Click Here



Janna Boyd
Minister to Senior Adults

Cindy Eoff
Education & Sr. Adult Ministry Assistant